Re-birthed as adjunct

It has now been three weeks since my teaching schedule commenced at the University of Iceland. As my postdoc applications abroad crashed and burned, I managed to procure an adjunct position here at home. That’s the good news.

The bad news is the gargantuan workload that follows. I’m lecturing in two courses (which totals 480 minutes of lecturing weekly) and as an added bonus, extra 160 minutes were added to my teaching schedule for the past two weeks for good measure. These lectures of course require adequate preparations (i.e. time and effort) and I’ve also started to measure on the new apparatus I’m working on for my new research group (more time and effort).

If that wasn’t enough, the deadline for the Marie Curie actions is in a few days and I’ve been carefully preparing an application for a Marie Cure fellowship in hopes of my scientific career to properly take off (again, time and effort). Oh yeah, and one of my bands, Naðra, was playing a gig yesterday.

As a result I haven’t written a single word on my blog for a few weeks.

I stumbled upon this tweet a couple of days ago and I feel it describes the situation aptly.


I have a gazillion ideas for blogs but limited time. I’m getting back on that horse soon.

Very soon.

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